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Facts about the USDA direct 502 Loan

This picture to the left was my first house I bought with USDA Direct Money - only $598 a month

1400 sq ft and over 1 acre yard!  My payment, Including taxes and Insurance was only $598 a month.  When I got married, and my household income went up my payment went up to normal.     

This loan is not based off of your credit score.

The 502 loan takes into account your medical bills, your child care costs, and your entire household income to determine your monthly payment.

On the 502 direct loan the government directly funds the borrower.

Direct loans have a repayment option of 33 years and 38 years. The government sets the interest rate, and it can be predetermined if the borrower uses the payment assistance subsidy. 

This loan carries No PMI.

That stands for Private Mortgage Insurance and since it carries none it means your payment will be even lower than most others!

This loan has payment subsidy available to help with repayment

This loan has a payment subsidy available to help with repayment.  The loan is not based off of your credit score, but instead looks at your credit history and even helps people with no credit at all.

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Once you get to step three it's time to go shopping for your new home! Why pay rent when you can own your home and be in control of your life for you and your family.